Extramarks follows a robust, three-pronged pedagogy of Learn-Practice-Test.


Learn anywhere, anytime with rich animated visual lessons which ensure concept clarity.


Go through NCERT solutions, practice unlimited questions and attempt interactive activities to check your comprehension.


Take AI based adaptive tests to enhance learning outcomes and evaluate your understanding of concepts.

School Offerings

We offer a wide spectrum of services, which help build a connected and collaborative system of learning, while addressing the individual needs of the student, teacher and the school.

Extramarks Smart Classes

We enable classrooms of the future through state-of-the-art technology integration, and provide

  • Engaging, student-centric learning experience
  • Curriculum mapped learning solutions for all classes and subjects
  • Rich, interactive and visual lessons which make learning fun
  • Connected learning environment through student tablets and Interactive display system

School to Home Learning

Extramarks Total Learning is a unique concept, which connects all stakeholders involved in a child's learning journey on a common platform. Through this platform, we ensure continuity of learning from school to home, along with efficient flow of information between the school, the parent, the child and the teacher.

The benefits of Total Learning for different stakeholders are -

  • Schools - Monitor and compare own student performance with other schools, identify gaps in teaching-learning process and take timely corrective actions.
  • Teachers - Identify gap areas of a student where concept delivery needs to be focused, and understand the learning pattern of the child.
  • Students - Learn, practice and test anytime and anywhere and maintain continuity of learning from school to home seamlessly.
  • Parents - Track and monitor child’s performance, identify areas of improvement and basic interests of the child, and make timely and informed interventions in their learning journey.

Adaptive Testing through Assessment Centre

Assessment Centre is a scientifically-designed technology platform that facilitates and automates assessment activities in a school. It can be accessed through browser or devices. Assessment centre gives you –

  • Option to choose questions from the vast Extramarks repository or add your own questions while creating a test.
  • Flexibility to create assessments based on multiple parameters.
  • Option to monitor progress of learners on real time.
  • Instant analysis, publishing and sharing of student results with various stakeholders.
  • Complete automation and flexibility for teachers to create and publish their own customized assessment papers.

Personalized Learning

Extramarks Smart Classes are integrated with device-based learning, which help personalize the learning experience for each child. Highlights –

  • Learning based on individual learning needs and pace of each student.
  • Seamless integration of Extramarks Smart Class with device-based learning.
  • Continuity of learning from school to home.
  • Instant creation and sharing of notes, tests and assignments.
  • Real-time program monitoring and result analysis.

Integrated Program

Continuing learning after school through Extramarks School Integrated Prep Programs

Our School Integrated Programs involve our renowned and experienced faculty delivering lectures at the schools and teaching students via blended learning for the preparation of JEE and NEET. While studying in school, prepare for JEE and NEET and improve your understanding of the concepts with lectures in real time at your own school. Personalized learning is available in Extramarks Smart Coaching Centers located in different cities and towns across India.

School Integrated Program


Top Schools

Extramarks digital learning solutions are present in a number of top schools, where our digitization efforts are helping build a collaborative, child-centric environment of learning.
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Principal Testimonials

Awards & Recognition


Global Education Award 2019

Global Educator Fest was organized around sustainable education that prioritizes creativity over conformity - Extramarks was adjudged as Best K – 12 Learning App / IIT – JEE & NEET prep.


Best Education Brand 2019, Economic Times

Judged by thought leaders in the field of education discuss, Extramarks won Best Education Brand owing to its smart teaching concept.


GESS Award 2017

Awarded for high-quality Secondary and Higher Education Learning Resources, safe products appropriate to every day teaching and learning needs.


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